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TED is an annual event that brings together the world's leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline — technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business, development. The talks at the conference, called TED Talks, are then made available to watch for free on

In the spirit of "ideas worth spreading," TED has created TEDx, a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connections. Our TEDx event is not organized by TED Conferences, but is operated under a license from TED.

TEDxLander 2019 Speakers

Derrick Pearson

 Derrick Pearson is a sportscaster, radio and television host, high school coach, and mentor.. 30+ years of coaching young people and talking one on one with the greatest athletes and coaches in the country. Hosting shows covering high school, professional, and collegiate sports in Washington, DC, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, he has had unique access to successful coaches and franchises. He helped establish Fat Guy Charities in Charlotte, an NFL Charity, and developed LovePrints, a national mentor program that promotes Loving and Learning through Sports. He has established a study program that has had scholar athlete success in several states and at several schools.

Feike van Dijk

Feike is just a simple Dutch immigrant that walked out of the Mayflower in 2006 and lived in New England for about 3 years before he moved to Wyoming with his young family where he worked with the elderly and individuals with disabilities mainly focusing on non-pharmaceutical interventions and activities creating a quality of life. Feike experienced a housefire where he lost 2 young sons on July 15th, 2014, he and his 9 month old twin son got life flighted to Salt Lake City where they got treated for 3rd and 4th degree burns. Feike shortly lost his job as Social Worker and after losing his job experienced severe depression in combination with his PTSD 9 months after the dreadful fire Feike applied for the local fire department because he wanted to help other people that are experiencing tragedy, but he also wants to reach out to first responders dealing with trauma. He works Full-Time for Community Entry Services as the Community Living Coordinator. Feike also serves as a Chaplain for the local Hospice, Chaplain for Fremont County Sheriff’s Department and Disaster Response member for the Wyoming chapter of the American Red Cross, disaster response volunteer for Team Rubicon.

Lynette St. Clair

Lynette St. Clair, Eastern Shoshone, is a linguist, cultural preservationist, educator and consultant. Lynette attended Montana State University in Billings where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations with a Minor in Organizational Communication in 2015. She received a Master’s Degree in 2017 in Native American Leadership from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Preservation of the traditional values and language of the Eastern Shoshone people has been the focus of Lynette’s professional career over several decades. From involvement with development of state-wide standards initiatives that address how the contributions of American Indians are taught in Wyoming classrooms; to representation as an authentic voice for indigenous people in the authoring of history; to presentations at various state, regional and national conferences; and, to development of culturally-relevant curricula are examples of her efforts. A central tenant to Lynette’s educational philosophy is advocacy for the inclusion of anaccurate narrative of tribal people that is critical to instilling pride and sense of self within the next generation of Wind River Indian Reservation learners.

Lynette received the National Johnson O'Malley Teacher of the Year award in 2015 for implementation of technology to enhance language instruction with the students of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Future projects include the release of an Eastern Shoshone Language App for Android and IOS users, a documentary video/film featuring young tribal members of the Wind River Indian Reservation, and a Travel Guide App featuring unique points of interest
across the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Garrett Burbank

Life has never been boring for Garrett Burbank, nor has it been conventional. Garrett and his two sisters were raised by their mother between Colorado and Wyoming. It is here where Garrett learned to lead, follow, respect, lash out, succeed, fail, forgive, hold grudges, fight, and get beat up. Garrett was gifted but cursed, confident but paralyzed by the thought of failure. He was charming but deceptive, honest but a liar. He had a muscular build, but was gaunt win lack of fulfillment. He had everything to prove and no one who gave a damn. Garrett knew the evils of a good excuse. It was tough, but also blessed. He wouldn’t change a second of it.

Fast forward to full-blown adulthood. Married, children, mortgage, a career in engineering, volunteer work, entrepreneurship, even a cat-and a heart still rife with good excuses. Then it happened. Garrett’s mother died in his arms. From a series of infections that she had essentially beaten. Garrett’s world quit turning as if completely orchestrated to do so. From the mire came his faith-based rebirth and ultimate recovery from the excuses. This is his story.

Michelle Motherway

Michelle Motherway is currently Co-Owner of Mr.D's Food Centers located in Lander and Powell Wyoming. Michelle is also is the owner and creative force behind Motherway Photography. She also is an independent retailer for LuLaRoe Motherway (her side hustle). Michelle is in the people business she just happens to sell groceries.
Born in the Lander Valley, and a graduate of Lander Valley High School she is passionate about all things local and maintaining a healthy local economy. She is a graduate of Rocky Mountain College (BS Psychology), Montana State University-Billings (Paramedicine), Front Range Community College (Associates of Nursing). Although all of these degrees are used daily the education she relays on most is the lessons learned each day at the school of life. 
Michelle currently can be found in her third generation business herding cats and throwing rocks at Giants, or on Facebook live selling stuff and things. She is surviving her crazy life by utilizing her faith and lessons she learned during her time in EMS, only no one dies at the end of her day. Her story is filled with lessons of hard work and determination, how to survive in a business world and in a body that is trying to kill you every day.

Diane Corsick

Diane Corsick represents a mosaic of embodied gifts which include her work as a healing arts practitioner, performing artist, dancer, choreographer, recording artist and published songwriter, photographer, poet, explorer, conservationist, trekker, and seeker of wonder and beauty in all that is seen and unseen. Her TEDx talk will focus on her Master's thesis "I AM THAT TOO": A Model for Deep Listening through the Arts and Humanities", which may serve as a channel of peace and reconciliation for individuals or greater community.